What does your face reveal?

Your spontaneous reaction measured second after second with our robust emotion AI software. Watch a video with a webcam on and find out what your face revealed about each scene.

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Short recording instructions:

  • make sure not to cover your face during recording
  • check that your speakers are turned on
  • direct light should not be pointing into the camera lens

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Switch on the light or approach the light source.

Face detected

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What did faces disclose about the video?

Below you can see your raw emotional data from your video viewing experience and also anonymised data of all people who have used this demo before. Can you find your picture in one of the key moments of the video? Click on the legend to filter the data (on the right side of the graph) or switch the displayed data completely (above the graph). Have fun!


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What will your demo results reveal to you?

In a moment you will see emotion diagrams showing what we have gathered from your facial expressions while you were watching the video.

  • compare your results with the results of others
  • look at the details of a specific emotion or find out how your attention oscillated
  • visit the Gallery and find photographs of your face during TOP video moments

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